Our Kaleidoscope exhibit introduced a new way to allow the elements of decor generate each other.

The Evolutions Series by Marko Shuhan pushes abstract oil paintings to explore metaphor and illusion through digital manipulation that coordinates with the art of origin.



$21-75 per square foot based upon the foundational sub straight:

Linen, flocked, textured, different weight papers or PVC vinyl, self-adhesive optional, removable.

Rolls are generally 2’ wide by 12’ long


Ceramic, Stone or Glass TILE

Custom printed ceramic tiles are superior for UV and scratch resistance. Available in glossy and smooth matte. Produced from material clays and minerals resulting in exceptionally reliable finished products.

4” to 12” sizes ranging from $12 to 50 per tile.

Strength and beauty are fired together in these custom tempered glass tiles. Resistant to water absorption, chemicals, fading and discoloration, glass tiles are ideal not only for kitchens or baths but also for wall mural applications. Printed from the back so image colors and contrast look softer. Not recommended for floor applications.

4” to 8” sizes ranging from $18 to 40 per tile

A superior tumbled stone tile. Each tile has a unique surface structure. Ideal for mosaic patterns. Unique surface texture allows natural variations in pattern, perfect for the “Old World” look made modern. Suitable for wet environments when sealed. Not recommended for floor applications.

4″ to 12” sizes ranging from 15 to $50 per tile



Quilting, apparel or upholstery fabrics

Generally, $15-75 per yard.

Up to 54” wide printable area. High thread-count, made in USA,

Eco fabrics or Faux Suedes available.

Create test swatches on different weight or quality fabrics. NO minimum order.


For any project, discounts per unit available based upon order size, breaking out at 20, 50, and 100 yards, upward.