If you’re on your way to the races at Saratoga, or the dressage, jump and other competitions of Hits-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, we’ll make it worth your trip with our TRIFECTA PASSPORT, available for the length of our Equine Nature exhibit. Your visit to our gallery in the historic downtown of Windham will be a relaxing one! With 20% off a stay at Christman’s Windham House and Golf Course, special offers on fine wine and dining at Bistro, Brie and Bordeaux, and discounts at the gallery on art with the option of forwarding proceeds to Rosemary Farm Sanctuary. 

When calling for reservations at the restaurant or lodging, mention TRIFECTA PASSPORT for special offers. Call the gallery at 518-734-6850 or email the Contact us for more info.

Vibrant Vistas celebrates regional beauty as interpreted by a selection of landscape artists. As the birthplace of American Art, while many have been inspired by the Hudson River School, they evolve, ever exploring alternative ways of representing what nature presents in its perfection and no longer needs to be captured realistically. Through the various creative lenses presented, expect surprises and inspirations that will allow a new interpretation of the majesty of the landscapes vistas that surround, and sometimes are taken for granted, in the day-to-day. Anne Johann, Robert Schneider, Joseph Keiffer, Kim Do, Deborah Dorsey and Mara Lehmann are joined by some new artists in the South Gallery, opening Saturday, September 16th.

What happens when Fire, Water, Earth and Air combine? Surprising Matter explores what manifests when different creatives push a variety of materials. Ricardo Arango uses a striking mixture of elements in his sculptures including glass, ceramics, marble and steel, often exploring the combinations in one piece. His work highlights the beauty of each material as he places them in unique arrangements. John Green works with materials and textures with a freedom that allows him to continually explore new directions developed from a trip taken, a structure that speaks volumes, an image’s impression, or a recurring idea. These are translated through encaustic, a technique as much as a medium, imbued with mystery and permanence that compliments the ever-changing patinas of the other more transitional elements in his work: steel, wood, lead and copper. The result? Well, that’s the surprise. Opens in the North Gallery of Windham Fine Arts, September 23rd, 2017.


General gallery hours: Friday & Saturday 12-7pm, Sunday 12-4pm.