Yes, that sounds ridiculous. But I’m determined to keep things moving in the gallery even as we face the end of ski season. Sure, the white snow is melting. The creeks will run red. The buds will swell, ever so slowly, and with any luck the sap has started running so we’ll have some great maple syrup! All the more reason to spend some time with what inspires us through art and culture.

“Kaleidoscope” is a show that can keep the creative juices flowing. It’s a bit of an enigma. If you haven’t visited the North Gallery yet, you’re in for a surprise. What you thought was a conventional Still Life? Look again. Did you ever suspect glass could be fused at such high temperatures and still retain such color? Yes it can. If you always thought abstract art doesn’t speak to you, these amazing patterns may just turn your head in a new direction. Or at the very least, upholster some fabulous cushions. There’s more here than meets the eye…

Missing the lush greens we know so well in these verdant valleys? New York Country Landscapes still grace the walls of our South Gallery. Robert J. Schneider’s masterful hand re-aquaints us with celebrated vistas of this area that have yet to rejuvenate. The green serenity as you walk into the gallery is silencing. Magnificent. Not to be missed. I’ve extended the show until later in April. Let’s face it: We just haven’t gotten enough yet!

Our new collaboration with Columbia Teacher’s College Ceramics promises to be very adventurous. We start with a few pieces by some key residents. As we explore the talent and scope, visit the studios of various artists, we will be bringing new and exciting art to the gallery. If you love to explore new avenues of creativity, be sure to follow with me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter as we begin this new chapter at the gallery.