Yes, the red maples in front of the gallery are actually finally sprouting leaves. They are the first ones revealing themselves in this area. As I drove back up the mountain from New York this week, and reminisced my travels in Europe, I realize how special it is up here in Windham. We hold onto that essence of Spring just a bit longer than everywhere else.

From the gallery windows I can still see patches of snow on the ski slopes of Windham Mountain. Yes, snow. We still have it. But we have leaves too. And it’s Passover and Easter weekend. It is all here at once. If anyone told me I’d appreciate this moment as much as I do, I’d say they were crazy. But there’s a pregnant pause before we thrust into full bloom here on the mountain. It’s a special feeling. A holding of something precious. And then there’s an explosion! It’s like nothing anyone can remember because it feels like it was ages ago… yet only one year… but yes. It’s Happening: Spring is coming to the mountain.

If there’s one thing I truly have brought with me, it’s the fact that we all come from something before. My travels took me from Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, through Ghent, to Lille, then Paris… from there past Antwerp (for a flat tire) into Bruxelles, and after a visit with longtime friends, back to Lelystadt, a small port village northeast of Amsterdam. Art, creativity, evolution of material, technique, execution… we are all feeding off one another’s ideas and energy. Not just now, over the centuries. As new as America is, we are old in our origins. Our ideas, inspiration and insights come from all that we’ve been and all that we will be.

We are one community. We all have the same concerns. It may not seem that way from here, across the Atlantic, but wherever the talk at the after-dinner-table, we all want and ask the same things. So let’s remember that.

Art encompasses ALL. See you at the gallery for the latest blossoming.