KALEIDOSCOPE Designers’ Reception June 24th 5-7:30pm.

Are you an Interior Designer, Decorator, Architect or Realtor? As part of our Kaleidocope exhibition in the North Gallery, we’re introducing a new collection of cutting-edge digital evolutions developed by Marko Shuhan that push his oil paintings to explore metaphor, illusion, through multi-media manipulation. Pushing perception to its limits, we present mixed media collages by Maya Farber that evoke the question of what is preconceived and what is created in a still life dialogue. “Painting still life in collages is like working with a jigsaw puzzle, fitting the pieces which must combine, including light and shadow, size and perspective, color and subject, into a seamless blend of painted and cut-out images and objects, ultimately achieving a photorealist work.” Abstract glassworks by Glenn Abel allow us to see the world through his vision of fused and cast glass, manipulated and expressed through color. Introducing Color Field Sculpture® by Shelley Parriott, transparent layers play in changing light as miniature interior wall pieces or large-scale installations. View the latest large sculptural addition to the gallery called ‘Transitions’ on the West Lawn. Exhibit in North Gallery extended through June 26h, 2017.


These works provide glimpses into a well-developed sensibility, articulating different aspects of Sochynsky’s art growth and essence. A variety of pieces that are informed by Pop, Cubism, Photorealism, Surrealism… all serving as a point of departure leading to a distinctive treatment of shape, plane, use of bold color and fragmented imagery. The exhibit includes excerpts from a variety of Sochynsky’s series (Capriccio, Fetish, Fragments) including her latest, Fugues. “Using the circular form I attempt to interweave fragments and textures into a contrapuntal composition, whose basic structure consists of themes stated successively in different voices. With these paintings I aspire to create a state of harmony and to provoke a dreamlike state of altered consciousness in the viewer.”