Southampton Solitude
Silver Stars 1Southampton Solitude

Alison Stager

Alison’s portfolio of fine art digital photography features landscape and seascape images from the Hamptons, Caribbean, Italy, France, the Arizona Desert, and anywhere in between that the sweet light shines.

Michael Toole

Michael Toole is a long time resident of Mississauga, Ontario and an active member in his community. He is the son of an amateur photographer (father) and a painter (mother). After many years in the public service, photography/art has become his main focus. Given his parental influences, Michael tends to look for new and inventive…

Paul-Émile Rioux

For the past 15 years, Paul-Émile Rioux (resident of Montréal, Canada) has been exploring and innovating using photography, computer programs and 3-D models to pair science and fiction, reality and invention, taking the viewer to places that could exist in a real world as well as in a virtual one. As a photographer he became fascinated…

Susan Copich

Born in Youngstown Ohio, Susan Copich graduated from Ohio State, studying Performance and Choreography.  After college, Copich kicked off her career in San Francisco as a modern dancer and owner of a Pilates Studio.  Opening up to new forms of art and self- expression, she studied at the New York Center for Photography where her…