Braveheart, JM Brodrick
Impacto, JM BrodrickNew Territory, JM BrodrickBraveheart, JM Brodrick

J.M. Brodrick

  “I am a painter working towards merging my need for realism with the beauty of pure abstract. ” – J.M. Brodrick Brodrick’s paintings include a wide range of themes from the beauty of old growth forests to city scenes, birds, animals and people. Her works are described as serene and peaceful but can include…

Nancy Previs

  Artist/print-maker Nancy Previs has been observing and recording nature’s forms, textures and tones for many years. Fascinated by subtleties in light and color, she draws her inspiration from nature’s ability to generate beauty from what seem spontaneous and random processes. To create her multi-plate intaglio prints, she uses consciously sustainable techniques, mainly aluminum and…

Bamboo Stand, Glenn Abel
Clouds, Glenn AbelEarly Snow, Glenn AbelBamboo Stand, Glenn Abel

Glenn Abel

  Glenn Abel has always had a deep appreciation for the natural world, drawing upon it for inspiration and design. He has a residence for 25 years in the Ashland, NY, in the Catskill Mountain region of the state. The forests, rolling mountains and exquisite sunsets contribute endless material for landscape designs. The graphic imagery…