Terrance DePietro has been an exhibiting artist since the early 1970s. His work has been exhibited in group and one-person shows internationally – New York, Paris, Quebec and Montreal City. His primary studio has been located in Palenville, New York for more than forty years. For the past thirty-five years, his work has involved issues that spring forth from the subjects of ‘otherness’ and what is termed The Sublime: Expressionistic abstractions of the sublime kind. Possibly better termed as ‘Abstract-Sublime’ while hopefully not limiting or misdirecting the viewer from the far reaching implications of his unique, contemporary treatments for image generation with the intention of exploration in search of what DePietro refers to as the “imaginal of image.”

DePietro generally traces the journey and evolution of a set of images in several mediums: Oil painting, watercolor, block printing, photography and uses the latest digital tools and technologies. Crafting his own paint allows him tremendous flexibility. His process includes writings, descriptions that speak to the ‘processes’ and the implications of creative exploration that are normally left in the shadows… A sharing of how the entire activity has effected the individual as creator.

DePietro shares his studio with his partner Nicole Lemelin, also represented by Windham Fine Arts.