Born in Youngstown Ohio, Susan Copich graduated from Ohio State, studying Performance and Choreography.  After college, Copich kicked off her career in San Francisco as a modern dancer and owner of a Pilates Studio.  Opening up to new forms of art and self- expression, she studied at the New York Center for Photography where her creative talents soared and over time, much like her work, began to take shape. Having come of age watching David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” and bingeing on Mike Leigh films and other lush independent films of the 80s and 90s, Susan found kindred spirits in their exploration of the dark side. She plunges into the world today through her photography and fuels conversation and reflection on timeless subjects around family parenthood and relationships.  All within the larger context of current societal issues like gun control, privacy loss, and social media. Copich is the creator of the Domestic Bliss series, now 16 images, and film, The Cup Cake, a project conceived by Copich over the past couple years, then created with a crew of director (Nathan Buck), film, music, and lighting experts over the last 12 months.