Satish holds an Honors Degree in painting and printmaking from the New Delhi College of Art. He settled in New York in 1969 and promptly embarked on a career as painter, printmaker and sculptor, with works in local collections and exhibitions throughout the United States. As a teacher he was a member of the Riverdale Country Day School Visual Arts Department from 1974-2011, where he inspired generations of students to embrace the arts. He is currently Artist-in-Residence at School of the Holy Child in Rye, New York. Satish was on the Board of Directors of Phoenix Gallery in New York City, and is a founding member of Art on Main Street in Yonkers. He is known professionally by his first name.

Satish’s paintings and monotype prints comprise a body of work in an aesthetic style and artistic technique which he has developed and refined over the decades. His highly individual painting style is achieved with a mixed media combination of acrylic modeling paste, gesso, and oils, through which he portrays his illusory three-dimensional effect of forms abstracted from nature.

Satish’s large-scale Light Series canvases of the 1980s, which sent the viewer flying outward into the vastness of the cosmos, have given way in recent decades to a more intimate realization of the natural world. Working on canvas or on shaped palettes of wood, as his mood dictates, Satish gives the viewer an illusion of being inside, gazing outward through a window or traveling deep within a natural form in order to share his inner private vision of the natural landscape. His other series – the Sunflower Series; abstract landscapes of the American Southwest; his Reflections and Elements paintings of the late 1990s and early 2000s along with the more recent Susan’s Pond and UrbanLights Series are all part of his personal artistic journey and relationship with the natural world.

Satish’s monotype prints are executed in a technique through which he is able to pull an infinite series of entirely individual prints from one plate. Designed to be viewed as single prints or hung as related color series, his abstract prints compliment his abstract paintings.

Stone and steel sculpture became important aspects of Satish’s oeuvre in the mid-1980s. His steel pieces fall into two categories, found object assemblage and Drawings on Steel. His alabaster and marble sculptures range from table-sized pieces to monumental scale installation works. Conceptual pieces include abstract works in stone, wood, cement and steel. His monumental scale stone sculptures include Celebration, a 12′ limestone male torso seated on a base that contains engraved representations of all the arts; Out of The Past is a standing male nude, partially exposed from a 15′ limestone block. His marble work includes Awakening a 12′ long, 14,000 pound, reclining male nude. Additional private commissions include a 30′ found object metal wall, monumental scale limestone pieces and representational pieces in steel and stone.