Born in Quebec City, Nicole Lemelin maintains studios in both Montreal, PQ and Palenville, NY. During the early 1990s she was part of the avant garde exhibits at Gallery Rouge in Quebec City and by the mid-90s had connected with similar minded artists, working in the Hudson Valley of New York. At the turn of the millennium, she was part of the Cross Street Gallery stable of painters and exhibited in the gallery’s major exhibits, curated by Bernard X Bovasso, involving expressionistic paintings of the abstract nature.

As an artist, Lemelin’s interests span from exploration to interpretation, addressing the paradox between research and statement. Her work and expertise traces through decades of exploration into the unconscious, imagination, and the language of image beyond the issue of ‘Feeling.’ Each piece becomes a marker, a fragment of reality, arrived at through a creative process and interpretation after the fact, apart from any subjectivity of the artist while allowing complete freedom of interpretation by the viewer.

“As an artist I am particularly interested in the ‘essence’ of the human being, his soul and his Spirit. How the mysterious nature of their relation reveals itself through the creative process, specifically as image. How an image becomes a recognizable sign by the viewer that will allow him to get in touch with his own intimate relation within. Both my process and my work are reflective of my quest.”

Transcending the individual experience to better express the collective event is a key part of her mission. Each work starts without reference to any concept or predefined imagery, guided through the different steps of the creative process through feeling rather than thought. Confronting contradictions throughout, any paradoxes, coincidences or synchronicities, Lemelin incorporates all as part of the creative experience, helping to transcend the complexity by asking the hard questions:

“Is there a way to be free from the attachment to a predetermined intention? Is there any answer to the human quest of its own essence? What is the etheric nature of human experience? How can one translate it through their personal experience or process?”

Lemelin attended Ecole des Beaux Arts de Quebec, Fine Arts, 1968, pursuing further independent study with Terrance DePietro & Bernard X Bovasso in several areas including ‘Materials & Techniques for Painters,’ focusing on the making of artist paints, gesso and mediums. Lemelin currently shares her studio with Terrance DePietro, also represented by Windham Fine Arts.