Gina Blickenstaff

Colorado fine artist Gina Blickenstaff creates beautiful heirloom artwork of figures, landscapes, still life, and other subjects. 

Ken Salaz

Ken Salaz was born in Southern Claifornia and spent his youth living in numerous locations with his family. After graduating from Cooper Union, Mr Salaz spent several years traveling the world, through Asia, Central and South America, and Europe painting landscapes and making copies of Masterworks at numerous Museums. He continued his education with Leonid Gervitz of the Repin Academy and Nelson…

Main Street Hyde Park by Tatiana Rhinevault
Old Land Surveyor's Study by Tatiana RhinevaultPostcard with Angel by Tatiana RhinevaultMain Street Hyde Park by Tatiana Rhinevault

Tatiana Rhinevault

Tatiana Rhinevault was born in Moscow and spent much of her childhood playing in Sokolniki Park, watching artists paint day-in and day-out. Because of her exposure to Moscow’s many museums, theaters, and art studios, the arts played a huge role in her childhood and, ultimately, in her paintings. Her elder brother, a musician, instilled in…

Joseph Sampson

Joseph Sampson graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1995. After OCA, he began freelancing as an illustrator while continuing to paint. Painting quickly became his sole occupation.  Joe’s portfolio is comprised of a variety of scenic imagery, and is currently focused on waterscapes. Drawn to shorelines, beaches, lakes, oceans and streams, Joe uses…

Catskill Sunset
Oakhill PastureHidden ValleyCatskill Sunset

Scott Thomas Balfe

Scott Thomas Balfe is a native of Cornwall, NY. His work is shown in many galleries part of many private collections. His technique harkens to traditions of the Hudson River School, relying heavily on the under-painting combined with thin over glazes. Inspired by the fathers of American Art who used anything from coffee grounds to tobacco…

81X by Satish Joshi
84PP by Satish Joshi82L by Satish Joshi81X by Satish Joshi

Satish Joshi

Satish holds an Honors Degree in painting and printmaking from the New Delhi College of Art. He settled in New York in 1969 and promptly embarked on a career as painter, printmaker and sculptor, with works in local collections and exhibitions throughout the United States. As a teacher he was a member of the Riverdale…

Southampton Solitude
Silver Stars 1Southampton Solitude

Alison Stager

Alison’s portfolio of fine art digital photography features landscape and seascape images from the Hamptons, Caribbean, Italy, France, the Arizona Desert, and anywhere in between that the sweet light shines.

Atlantic Swell 6 by Lisa Lebofsky
Atlantic Swell 6 by Lisa Lebofsky

Lisa Lebofsky

Lisa Lebofsky is a nomadic plein air painter, collaborating with nature and people. She paints the susceptibility of nature, correlating its restlessness with our own human vulnerabilities. Her direct participation with the landscape is vital to imbue a painting with the energy of a specific place, so that viewers can connect viscerally: to move, excite…

Matt Horner

Matt Horner is a stone sculptor based out of Keene, NY. This small town nestled high in the peaks of the Adirondack mountains is the perfect source for the locally excavated stones that inspire this native Korean’s artistry. This abundantly mountainous landscape translates directly into his works; organic, flowing curves mimic the rivers and streams…

Ruby Reichardt

Born in the Netherlands, Ruby Reichardt moved to New York in 1984 to begin her journey as an artist. After attending Syracuse University and pursuing an MFA in Illustration and Design, Ruby dedicated herself to her art career. Her prowess does not lie with just one style of art; rather she works in a variety…