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Viewpoints: Iona Sochynsky opens Saturday April 22nd in the South Gallery. 

We once again focus upon one artist’s view as we provide glimpses into a well-developed sensibility, articulating different aspects of Sochynsky’s art growth and essence. These pieces are informed by Pop, Cubism, Photorealism, Surrealism… all serving as a point of departure leading to a distinctive treatments of shape, plane, use of bold color and fragmented imagery. The exhibit includes excerpts from a variety of Ilona’s series (Capriccio, Fetish, Fragments) including her latest, Fugues. “Using the circular form I attempt to interweave fragments and textures into a contrapuntal composition, whose basic structure consists of themes stated successively in different voices. With these paintings I aspire to create a state of harmony and to provoke a dreamlike state of altered consciousness in the viewer.”

Kaleidoscope is going strong in the North Gallery. As we  bid our snow season farewell, step into a color saturated world of perspectives: Featuring evolutions by Marko Shuhan, mixed media collages by Maya Farber, abstract glassworks by Glenn Abel, and Color Field Sculptures ® by Shelley Parriott. Worthy of more than one visit, this exhibit pushes the viewer’s  ability to process art as what it is, and what it can evolve to be. Bring your imagination, for these images invite you to apply your own creativity as you go.




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