With the installation of Equine Nature in the South Gallery, we encourage equine enthusiasts to take a detour for this formidable collection of works that celebrate the horse and its native environment during the peak of the equine season in upstate New York: The opening of Saratoga Raceway and the continued competitions at Hits-On-The-Hudson in Saugerties. Make Windham a stop on your agenda using our TRIFECTA PASSPORT, offering discounts on lodging, dining and art! Contact us for your passport today.

It’s time for our Image Renaissance, now open in the North Gallery. This is a look at how artists of different genres use technology as just another tool in the box. In addition to including work of Michael Toole and Susan Copich, we welcome three new artists to the gallery in this exhibit: Paul Émile Rioux, Michael Storey Martin and Terrance DePietro.  

Director’s Journal